[ic] [item-subtotal] not computing

Ron Phipps takedown@cdsnet.net
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 23:05:06 -0800

Thanks Mike, of course as soon as I sent that message it dawned on me where
the problem most likely was.  Is Akopia interested in a how-to convert from
MV 4->IC or is this already in the works?  I actually did a conversion from
MV/GDBM -> IC/MySQL which meant more stumbling blocks.  Thanks for the info!


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> Quoting Ron Phipps (takedown@cdsnet.net):
> > The tag [item-subtotal] is not working (results in 0 always) for one of
> > catalogs that we are moving from MV 4.04 (where it worked) to IC.  The
> > catalog we have installed calculate the subtotal correctly.  Taking the
> > basket.html from a demo and copying it to the offending catalog results
in a
> > zero subtotal as well.
> >
> > Yesterday the [item-price] tag was not working in checkout.html however
> > I switched it to [item-field price] it worked.  Is there an alternate to
> > [item-subtotal] tag as well?  Could it be that there is a missing field
> > the products database that is causing the subtotal to always be 0?  I
> > followed the instructions posted by Mike to migrate a catalog from MV to
> > and it worked except for this problem.
> >
> Check PriceField and CommonAdjust. The problem is undoubtedly there
> somewhere.
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