[ic] order routing

scott andreas scotta@homer-simpson.learnserv.com
Thu, 14 Dec 2000 08:24:48 -0800

Question... I have a rep who wants to post some fly products. When these
products are ordered the customers information is emailed directly to
In my catalog.cfg file I have:

Route glenda      attach                 0
Route glenda      cybermode        ""
Route glenda      empty                1
Route glenda      encrypt               0
Route glenda      increment            0
Route glenda      supplant              1
Route glenda      email                   Reps@email.address.com
Route glenda      track                   logs/tracking.asc
Route glenda      individual_track    orders
Route glenda      report                  etc/report
Route glenda      receipt                 etc/receipt.html

Yet the order routing does not take effect, Any ideas would be

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