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I'm kind of curious if anyone has ever managed to organize a bunch of 
the cool tips and tricks?

I know I personaly label a lot of good ideas with a "Tip" label in eudora.
might be a interesting side project if it could be organized in a neat fashion.
There tend to be a lot od repeating questions on the list, though I 
won't blame it on laziness, I think sometimes it is very difficult to 
search for what you are looking for in the archives.

But maybe have some:
Shopping Cart Tips
Checkout Tips
[loop] Tips

Just curious. I know I have maybe 30 or so highlighted in my mailbox


>At 04:59 PM 12/14/00 +0100, you wrote:
>>Is there any doc for stupids like me when I can  read how to 
>>configure Postgress ( First you should create a user,later you 
>>should create a table called xx , ...) and Apache? I am bored of 
>>executing makecat and getting the same error FATAL Error 1, the 
>>test_construct  database is not created.
>The website for apache server (http://httpd.apache.org/) contains 
>extensive guides and FAQ's and is searchable.  I am certain that if 
>you visit the site for Postgres (sp?), you will find something 
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