[ic] Need to use older PERL

David Somner dave@htxtech.com
Fri, 15 Dec 2000 11:35:59 -0500


I have a problem - I am using COBALT'S RAQ's and want to put INTERCHANGE
on it.  The RAQ's are using Perl 5.005.03 and INTERCHANGE wants Perl

I tried to install Perl 5.6.0 but that did not work - I had to restore
the older version of perl.  There are utilities used by the COBALTS that
require Perl 5.005.03 and only that version - any other version breaks
the code!

I still have the Perl 5.6.0 binaries on the drive.

How can I either (a) use the older Perl version, or (b) use the new
executable as the default Perl for Interchange?

Thanks in advance!