[ic] Using Different recipt screens

Jerry jerry@digitalfm.com
Sat, 16 Dec 2000 08:08:26 -0500

A failure to complete the purchase for whatever
reason should return them to the checkout page.
Just display the error there and give them the
opportunity to correc it. We just use.

[if session cybercash_error]
  <table border="1" bordercolor="#ff0000" cellpadding="5">

	   <font size="-1" face=arial color=black>
	   Your order could not be completed for the following reason:</font><br>
	   <font size="-1" face=arial color=red>
	   [data session cybercash_error]</font>


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> Is there a way where I can have a different recipt pop up for the customer
> depending on what the cybercash results are?  Right now if the order is
> succesfull they get a recipt page, but I like if the order failed (and
> depending on what failed) show them a failure page.  If I can get an exact
> reason from CyberCash i'd also like to have that e-mail to the customer so
> they have a record.
> Is this possible?  ANy ideas how to do it?
> Thanks
> Keith
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