[ic] 4.6.1. Problems with localization introduced

Ton Verhagen ton@verhagen.net
Sat, 16 Dec 2000 23:22:26 +0100

Dear Mike,

While running 4.6.0 I discovered that localzation caused misbehavior of the 
basket. At that time array @Vend::Productbase wasn't updated when switching 
locale. You fixed that in the cvs. After that everything was okay.

However, it seems that since you corrected the localization problems of the 
basket in cvs, the latest version IC4.6.1 has another problem.

Same settings as I used before in IC4.6.0:
ProductFiles products nl_products

Locale database:
code en_US de_DE fr_FR nl_NL
ProductFiles products de_products fr_products nl_products
products products de_products fr_products nl_products

When switching locale to nl_NL
Translations ([L][/L] and friends) are okay
$Config->{ProductFiles} contains: nl_products ----> okay
info on flypage contains Dutch text coming from nl_products ----> okay

However, searches like:
return products from two tables: products and nl_products eg two products 

When I change the Catalog.cfg setting from:
ProductFiles products nl_products
ProductFiles products
searches will return one product only, eg for Wrenches(link above): one 
product os28064
However no Dutch text on flypage although $Config->{ProductFiles} contains: 

What could be wrong?

Thanks for any assistance.

Best regards,

Ton Verhagen