[ic] Building a mall - detailed Question

Lattus, Ronald rlattus@netway.at
Mon, 18 Dec 2000 14:58:08 +0100

Hello Murray!

What we need is the same Greg Cope asked for:

Different produkt lists (~product catalogs) which have there own admin-ui
(so that the list can be edited by different merchants), but share the
customer-ui, the basket and so on (so that for the customer they apear as
one themed store).

The interchange-doc talks about the "SubCatalog" directive, but i could not
use it succcessfully. 
What i did was:
1. "makecat subconstruct" (which produced a standolone shop)
3. changed the "Catalog ..." directive to "SubCatalog   subconstruct
construct /var/lib/interchange/construct/subconstruct /cgi-bin/subconstruct
4. renamed the "Catalog.cfg" of "subconstruct" to "subconstruct.cfg" and
copied it to the "construct" directory.
5. Restarted the server.

Afterwards the url "/cgi-bin/subconstruct" resultet in "Catalog not

What's wrong?

Ronald Lattus
Netway Communications AG
Hollandstraße 9
Tel. ++43/1/99599-3214