[ic] coordinated search results-problems with buy button

Greg greg@valuemedia.com
Mon, 18 Dec 2000 13:38:45 -0800

Hi all,

I have a coordinated search page I am trying to put together, but when it
returns the results and you click on one of the Buy buttons, (using standard
results page from construct) it loads the product into the cart, but then
returns a search error -
Sorry , no matches for (?:^|\)ARRAY\(0x8dc4bf8\).

When I use a simple search (non-coordinated) to obtain results on the
results page, the buy button works fine, puts item in cart and returns to
the results page.  So I am pretty sure its in my coordinated search.  I have
trimmed it down to a 2 field search for example purposes, and this also puts
the item in the cart returns the same error.  Can someone point out where I
have messed up on my coordinated search?  I have tried quite a few
combinations to no avail.
								<FORM ACTION="[area search]" METHOD=POST>
								<input TYPE="hidden" NAME="mv_search_file" VALUE="products">
								<input TYPE="hidden" NAME="mv_searchtype" VALUE="text">
								<input TYPE="hidden" NAME="mv_coordinate" VALUE="yes">
								<input TYPE="hidden" NAME="mv_search_page" VALUE="results">
								<input TYPE="hidden" NAME="mv_sort_field" VALUE="vend_name">
								<input TYPE="hidden" NAME="ml" VALUE="25">

								<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="mv_search_map" VALUE="

					 <input TYPE="hidden" NAME="sf" VALUE="descr">
					 <input TYPE="hidden" NAME="op" VALUE="rm">
					 <input TYPE="hidden" NAME="nu" VALUE="0">
					 <input TYPE="hidden" NAME="su" VALUE="1">
					text <input TYPE="text" SIZE="30" NAME="searchtext" VALUE="">

					 <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="sf" VALUE="grp">
					 <input TYPE="hidden" NAME="nu" VALUE="0">
					 <input TYPE="hidden" NAME="bs" VALUE="1">
					 <input TYPE="hidden" NAME="op" VALUE="em">
					 <SELECT size="1" name="searchcat" style="FONT-FAMILY: Verdana;
FONT-SIZE: "-1">
									<OPTION VALUE="">Any Category</option>
										[loop search="

								<OPTION value="[loop-data grp grp]">[loop-data grp descr]</OPTION>


					 <input type="hidden" NAME="mv_doit" VALUE="search">
					 <input type="submit" VALUE="search">

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