[ic] 4.6.1 Localiztion has troubles

Ton Verhagen ton@verhagen.net
Tue, 19 Dec 2000 11:39:58 +0100

Dear Mike,

First of all thank you for your kind cooperation so far.

I did some further testing of the localization features of IC and came to 
the conclusion that something is broken in IC4.6.1

Here is what I have:

Locale table:
code en_US de_DE fr_FR nl_NL
ProductFiles products de_products fr_products nl_products
products products de_products fr_products nl_products

Autoload contains the following line:
$Variable->{MV_DEFAULT_SEARCH_FILE} =  $Config->{ProductFiles};

Contents of flypage:
[item-field sku] - [item-field title]<br>
[item-field comment]<br>

         push @out, "<br>ProductFiles: ";
         push @out, join ",", @{$Config->{ProductFiles}};
         push @out, "<br>MV_DEFAULT_SEARCH_FILE: ";
         push @out, join " ", @{$Variable->{MV_DEFAULT_SEARCH_FILE}};
         return join "", @out;

When changing locale to nl_NL with:

All translations with [L][/L] and friends are okay.

However the flypage comes up with wrong information!
The product info comes from table 'products' instead of 'nl_products'.
ProductFiles and MV_DEFAULT_SEARCH_FILE contain the proper value: nl_products

To me this looks like a buggie kind of thing.  But I hope that I am 
mistaken and overlooked something obvious.

Best regards,