[ic] Array from database

Kaare Rasmussen kar@webline.dk
Tue, 19 Dec 2000 23:42:21 +0100


> Why do you say that $Db{table} is not it?

Because I thought so :-) No, actually it was my closest match, but I couldnt 
really find $db->query. The online dox still confuse me. 

Now I've printed the manuals here: 
http://developer.akopia.com/cgi-bin/ic/dev/index.html for reading during the 
Christmas holidays (hey, when the children have unwrapped their gifts, what 
is a man supposed to do then? :-)).
Will they provide the full picture of Interchange, or does crucial 
information lurk in other places? :-)

> 	[perl tables=products]
Cut example that actually works!
> 	[/perl]

Thanks. The trick that I couldn't find was the $db->query. Maybe it's just 
me, but the search engine doesn't really lead to the exact best places.

> Didn't I document this? I thought I did.

Could very well be.

But could you help me one bit further?

Now I have the pointer to an array of arrays in $ary inside my [perl][/perl]. 
I'd like to use it outside, in a [loop] or the like. Possible? Just a pointer 
to which tags I have to use, please!

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