[ic] Array from [perl]

Kaare Rasmussen kar@webline.dk
Wed, 20 Dec 2000 00:31:00 +0100

> That I *know* is documented. [query ....] [/query] is what it is.

Sorry; can't see it! 

Been through all pages where I can find any reference to [query] and can't 
find any reference to any array variable it will go through.

I've changed the subject to make it clearer that I'm no longer asking about a 
database. I was hoping for something like 

 $Scratch->{ary} =  $db->query($q)

[loop list="[scratch ary]"]
 [loop-data fieldname] or 
 [loop-pos 0]
... or the like. But [scratch ary] doesn't dereference to the array.

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