[ic] Documentation format, Bug# 62

Toni Mueller support-ic@oeko.net
Wed, 20 Dec 2000 15:15:12 +0100


when trying to "for i in *.pod ; do pod2html $i > $i.html ; done"
I get a long list saying essentially "invalid pod document", and
a partially garbled output with important pieces chopped and diced.
Why does "for i in *.pod ; do pod2man $i | nroff -mandoc > $i.0 ; done"
give only about one third that many error messages? I'm reluctant to

I'd like to know what the status of this problem is, and how
to fix it. What kind of pod2html program do you use on your site
where the documentation appears to look fine, contary to mine?
Could the HTML be downloaded sans that border, or do I have to
hand-edit that off for printing?


Best Regards,