[ic] item edit on flypage from basket

Christopher Saint-Amand csaint-amand@platform.net
Wed, 20 Dec 2000 11:12:25 -0500

The spec I'm working from (for a clothing sales system) calls for an item to
appear in the basket with several image buttons to the side of it, one being
an "edit" item button where a user can go back to the flypage and change the
color, size, and quantity for that item in the basket.  How can I carry that
particular basket entry to the flypage?  One hack I considered was on
clicking edit, removing that item from the basket and then going to the
flypage (where it would be readded to the basket after changes and submit).

Another question I had is how to detect whether someone has made their color
/ size selections (on the flypage) within the basket and make those
[item-accessories xxxx] tags instead of [item-modifier xxxx] tags (which
would maybe solve my previous question...).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!