[ic] new payment method broke, broswer dependent

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Wed, 20 Dec 2000 11:59:32 -0500

Quoting Doug Alcorn (doug@lathi.net):
> I have a store that accepts money orders and cashier's checks.  What
> they want to do is display the mailing address when the customer
> selects that payment method (on the bottom of the checkout screen,
> mail_receipt, and receipt.html).  The catalog is pretty much a
> straight construct out of IC 4.6.0.  Here's my mods to
> pages/ord/checkout.html:


When in doubt on something like this, put this at the top of the
checkout page

    <!-- [dump] -->

then display the source after your submit.

Usually you will see the source of the trouble -- the most common thing
is a payment mode set twice or something, sticking in a NULL. That would
sometimes cause your browser not to display anything with the tag above 
(I added a translation to change NULL to \\0 in CVS, so you might
want to get the latest Error.pm.)

Also, you should look at checkout_profile in etc/profiles.order 
and see what it defaults to if it gets a fax_order setting it
doesn't know about.

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