[ic] how does a custom charge globalsub get mv_order_number?

Jason Kohles jason@mediabang.com
Wed, 20 Dec 2000 10:59:49 -0700

I am in the process of adding a new payment method, and have a little
trouble.  The authorizenet globalsub in eg/ uses $actual{'mv_order_number'}
to get an order number, but when I try the same method, I get undef (I
also get undef when trying it with authorizenet, which may explain why so
many people have trouble getting authorizenet to work).

After a little code searching I thought perhaps
Vend::Order::update_order_number was the key, but that doesn't seem to do
anything when called from a globalsub.  I discovered by accident that if I
just return an order-id of 1, then I do get unique order numbers, but it
skips all the even numbers, which seems less than ideal and I suspect will
break something else somewhere down the line.

So the question is, is a unique order number assigned at some point before
the custom charge sub is called?  If it is, how can I find out what number was
assigned to it, and if it isn't, then how can I convince interchange to do so?

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