[ic] Installation

Jason Kohles jason@mediabang.com
Wed, 20 Dec 2000 14:56:12 -0700

On Wed, Dec 20, 2000 at 04:38:18PM -0500, Mike Heins wrote:
> A little trick you can use -- at least in any modern shell.
> Issue your SUSPEND key (usually ^Z) and drop to the shell and
> add the user. Then type "fg" and return to the install script.
Yes, but that requires you to know that the missing user is the problem.
The point isn't that by hanging it prevents you from using the
shell, the point is that it gives no indication at all of what is going
on, it simply hangs.  I had to resort to strace to figure out what it was
waiting for.  IMHO it either needs to deal gracefully with the user not
existing, or else not give you a choice to continue until the user has
created.  It isn't as though it caused me major headaches, after I realized
it was looping it only took me a minute or two to solve the problem, I just
figured I would mention it because the average non-programmer type user is
going to bug you about it every time it happens.  I was only trying to save
you some headaches, I know what it's like answering the same tech support
questions over and over  =)

> We will look at this -- I *think* it is actually an ExtUtils::MakeMaker
> problem and not in the install script. Jon Jensen is redoing the installer
> quite a bit and it will be changed somewhat for 4.7 and up.

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