[ic] Request for comments and documentation - multiple server architecture

Deano deano@viz.com
Wed, 20 Dec 2000 14:04:19 -0800

> You took the words out of my mouth.  A "Interchange+Clustering HOWTO"
> be great.  Because in a few weeks (months maybe) I will have completed the
> cluster I'm working on.  Here's the short:
[description of really beefy cluster (imho)]

hear, hear... Though this brings back to my mind a more general want: some
idea of how much load Interchange can handle under various setups... I think
that along with a detailed manual of how* to cluster, there should be a fair
guide to when* clustering should be looked at, where to put the money in the
cluster itself, etc...

All I keep hearing is that Interchange scales reasonably well to compete
with some VERY expensive alternatives, but I still don't have a good idea
for the hardware requirements apart from very general linux/apache
performance numbers.

Anyway, definitely think a clustering guide is a good idea. For that matter,
has anyone yet signed for an O'Reilly book on Interchange? Seems like a
natural candidate...