[ic] how to stop IC adding "mv_pc" to every link?

jojo@buchonline.net jojo@buchonline.net
Thu, 21 Dec 2000 14:18:10 +0100 (CET)

On 21 Dec, Martin Kisser wrote:
> Hi List!
> I'am using IC 4.6.1 on an RAQ3-Server - default Construct Installation, but
> some changes in the config files...
> Every link IC creates with the [area..] tag - there is an additional
> "mv_pc=<nr>" and the <nr> is incrementing at every link. Is there a setting
> in IC to stop that (because i need "clean" urls for search engines)?
> I think this is one of the usertrack features... rigth?
> Suggestions are welcome...

Read the doc! :-)

[page ...]

      named: [page href=``dir/page'' arg=``argument'' secure=1* form=``form string''] 

      positional: [page dir/page arg*] (only two positional parameters) 

      Insert a hyperlink to the specified catalog page pg. For example, [page shirts] will expand into < a
      href=``http://machine.company.com/cgi-bin/vlink/shirts?id=WehUkATn&pc=33''>. The catalog page displayed will come from ``shirts.html'' in the pages

      If the user has sent a cookie to Interchange (meaning the second page they access), and you set the scratch value mv_no_session_id in their session,
      the session ID will not be appended to the URL. If you set the scratch value mv_no_count, then the page count will not be appended; this is not
      dependent on cookies. So if you put in your initial page 

          [set mv_no_session_id]1[/set]
          [set mv_no_count]1[/set]
          [set mv_add_dot_html]1[/set]

      or put in catalog.cfg: 

          ScratchDefault  mv_no_session_id  1
          ScratchDefault  mv_no_count       1
          ScratchDefault  mv_add_dot_html   1


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