[ic] Search within search on multiple tables

Jason Currell currell@nettwerk.com
Thu, 21 Dec 2000 12:11:14 -0800

Actually I was wondering more about embeded loops....  

The [item-data table column] tag gives you the cell in another 
table that has the same index as the table you just searched 
through, but what if my tables don't share the same index.  
For example:

Table #1		
Product			Table #2
Descriptions		Products
------------		--------

ProductID-------	SKU
Name		\-------ProductID
Description		Color
ImageURL		Size

I'm selling T-shirts for a record company.  They all have the
same logo on them and therefore have the same Description, etc..
We have different prices for the items based on color and size.
Also we have different numbers of Large or Small items in inventory.
The above two tables model the data quite nicely, the problem is
Interchange doesn't seem to have a way to allow me to do a search
on, for example "Skinny Puppy" in the ProductDescriptions table and
output one product description with each of the size's and prices
we carry on the same page.

eg) output:

Skinny Puppy T-shirt
   This is a really cool T-shirt from the early days of Skinny Puppy.
	Large/Black $20		Large/White $18		
	Small/Black $15		Small/White $14

Anybody have any ideas how I would do this using interchange?
The way that makes sense is to do a search through Product_Description
and then do another search with fi=products/sf=ProductID/se=[item-code].

So I need to know:

	1) Does interchange do embedded loops?
	2) Will interchange allow me to set the se= field for a search
to a variable/interchange value of some sort, eg. se=[scratch]

>I'm wondering if anybody knows how to do multilevel searches.
>For example lets say I have a products table and a price table.
>How would I do a search on the description in the products table
>and use the results of that search to then search the product
>table (all in the same page).
>Is there a way to embed <search-region> tags. eg:

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