[ic] Coordinated Search Problem

Steve & Patti Getzinger steveandpatti@wubs.org
Thu, 21 Dec 2000 16:43:38 -0500

Mathew Jones wrote:

> Based on a previous mailing list response by Mike to a similar question
> regarding coordinated searches, I tried this code below.
> If only a category value is submitted the returned result are matched
> from all fields in DB not just category fields.
> Am I  missing something simple?
> Maybe you have a suggestion Mike?
> Thanks
> Mat
> <input type=hidden name="st" value="sql">
> <input type=hidden name="co" value="1">
> <input type=hidden name="sf" value="author">
> <input type=text name="se" value="">
> <input type=hidden name="sf" value="title">
> <input type=text name="se" value="">
> <input type=hidden name="sf" value=":category1:category2:category3">
> <select name="se">
> <option>Art
> <option>Fiction
> </select>
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try reversing the order of your se's and sf's but why are you searching
for nothing in title and author couldn't you just eliminate that part of
the code? and what about value= in the select and options. You must have a
value to retrieve a value. What people see isn't good enough you must tell
the form what the values are. I am rusty here but something like


A coordinated search means you are searching for this in that and from
there searching only those returns for this2 in that2 You are searching
for NULL "" in author and NULL "" in title so unless you have empty
entries in the author and title fields that line up you will always return
nothing (NULL) And now we start looking through our NULL for doesn't
matter because we killed all returns with the first request of the series.

Ok for all the perfectionists it might not go that way but it is easily
human understood that way :)