[ic] WideOpen Problems?

Matthew Nielsen mnielsen@itransact.com
Thu, 21 Dec 2000 15:55:36 -0700

(Details:  Minivend 4.04 on Redhat 7.0/x86;  Credit Card Gateway is
iTransact.com, using "Split Form")

Okay, here's my problem.  It's a real rat dance, I know, but this is the
way it works.  In fishing an order, the user is directed out of the
shopping card to another site to enter their credit card number on an
SSL enabled form.  When the user hits 'submit', the CC validation
service server posts to a return page (the one on the shopping cart) and
shows it to the user  -- it looks just like the page, but it is, in
fact, being given to the user bu the CC Gateway's CGI Program.  The page
is being retrieved by the Services software -- see where I'm going with

Here is the problem-- to complete the order, I need to keep the session
going.  When the CC Gateway software posts back to Minivend, it can send
any information you want it to in the post, like the session id; that's
what I'm doing.  Because the page then being requested from another IP,
I have 'WideOpen' turned on (and SessionExpire 10 minutes, too).

The problem is that Minivend refuses to pick the session back up -- it
just makes a new session id.  I've tried passing it with the name 'id'
or 'mv_session_id' or both.  Nothing works.  It just won't accept it. 
Any thoughts would be appreciated.  I hope I've described things
completely because it is kinda complex.