[ic] WideOpen Problems?

John Beima jbeima@reality.palb.com
Thu, 21 Dec 2000 17:01:56 -0700 (MST)

G'Day Matthew,

Actually you can drop the session info... We use iTransact, and from the last 
page call the iTransact server, and have the server return to a page that 
refreshes to the receipts page and it works fine.

The only possible problem I could see was if someone went through the order 
process without having cookies turned on.

Oh and we don't have the WideOpen set either...

John Beima

Quoting Matthew Nielsen <mnielsen@itransact.com>:

> (Details:  Minivend 4.04 on Redhat 7.0/x86;  Credit Card Gateway is
> iTransact.com, using "Split Form")
> Okay, here's my problem.  It's a real rat dance, I know, but this is the
> way it works.  In fishing an order, the user is directed out of the
> shopping card to another site to enter their credit card number on an
> SSL enabled form.  When the user hits 'submit', the CC validation
> service server posts to a return page (the one on the shopping cart) and
> shows it to the user  -- it looks just like the page, but it is, in
> fact, being given to the user bu the CC Gateway's CGI Program.  The page
> is being retrieved by the Services software -- see where I'm going with
> this?
> Here is the problem-- to complete the order, I need to keep the session
> going.  When the CC Gateway software posts back to Minivend, it can send
> any information you want it to in the post, like the session id; that's
> what I'm doing.  Because the page then being requested from another IP,
> I have 'WideOpen' turned on (and SessionExpire 10 minutes, too).
> The problem is that Minivend refuses to pick the session back up -- it
> just makes a new session id.  I've tried passing it with the name 'id'
> or 'mv_session_id' or both.  Nothing works.  It just won't accept it. 
> Any thoughts would be appreciated.  I hope I've described things
> completely because it is kinda complex.
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