[ic] Row-level export

Dan db@cyclonehq.dnsalias.net
Thu, 21 Dec 2000 23:59:59 -0800

> God do I find this message humerious...

Well thanks for wounding my sensative ego.  I'll retreat back into my turtle
shell now.

> 2) Rip it off, good luck! Personally I would just read the docs on the
> tag, I think that would be much easier...

[export] in the tag reference docs didn't expound very much on row-level
exports.  But who needs the docs when you can read the source?

> 4) Had to add my own... If you need it in a seperate table, create a dummy
> with the same columns, then search for your data and store it in the other
> instead of displaying it to the screen. Or hey do both! Then export the
> table...

I like that idea, but if I can go straight from data->text file, then I'll
probably skip the dummy table part.

I'm also looking at a 5th solution, a PostgreSQL SQL statement ala...

[query sql="
"SELECT * FROM products WHERE product_sku = 4 INTO TEMPORARY TABLE
product_4; COPY product_4 TO '/tmp/product_4.out';

> Gee after seeing all the questions the last two days, it is more than
> that users are NOT reading the documentation. If you expect to be able to
> anythign impressive with Interchange you need to READ not SKIM, but READ

Sorry if I offended you.  I was just trying to get a few ideas before I jump
into something.  Sometimes people have really good one-liners that
enlighten.  Such as "why don't you just do it with a SQL statement and leave
IC out of it?"

Dan Browning - danb@cyclonecomputers.com