[ic] 4.6.1 field tags return wrong value

Ton Verhagen ton@verhagen.net
Fri, 22 Dec 2000 13:35:41 +0100

Dear All,

The item-field tag and friends return the wrong value when localization is 
in effect.
I'm using: IC4.6.1 -- RH7.0 -- Perl5.6


My flypage only contains three tags:
[item-code] - [item-field title] - [item-field comment]

Locale table contains:
code en_US de_DE fr_FR nl_NL
ProductFiles products de_products fr_products nl_products
products products de_products fr_products nl_products

Setting the locale to nl_NL with:

Call my flypage with:

Results on my flypage:
os28084 - Tape Measure - No matter what you need to measure ... [snip]
This is wrong!

The results should be:
os28084 - Rolmaat - Wat u ook wilt meten ... [snip]

Obviously the information comes from table 'products' although it should 
come from table 'nl_products' !

For the record:
$Config->{ProductFiles} contains the proper value: nl_products
Variable MV_DEFAULT_SEARCH_FILE contains also: nl_products
The above code returned the correct information in IC4.6.0

How to solve this bug?

All the best,

Ton Verhagen