[ic] How much is too much?

+N6REJ n6rej@tcsn.net
Tue, 26 Dec 2000 08:46:54 -0800

Hi folks and Merry Day after XMAS.

I was wondering just how much to charge a customer for a site?
I know that is a very loaded question, but I really have no idea how many
"sites" a given configuration can handle.

Some of my thoughts are....
I understand that interchange can handle WAP so a rate based on /card would
seem appropiate.

I would assume the bandwidth utilized would be a determining factor as would
the hard drive usage.

There would be some sort of rate for "building the walls of the site" and
another for building any basic content?

Setup fees?

Number of email box's allowed?

Any other things y'all can think of?

I'm not really all that concerned with charging an arm and a leg, as its
just me working from home but I will have to pay for server room fee's next
year or if my machine starts really going well and using a fair amount of
pipe.  So that does have to be considered into the equation and of course I
do want to make $.  But I'm assuming can I do that best with volume not high


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