[ic] index.html, personal username insert

Jerry Davis akopia@wireless-2000.com
Wed, 27 Dec 2000 01:19:31 -0800

I have been having a great time using 'Interchange' Thanks to all.
Here is a snip of code I put into 'index.html' that inserts the user name
after login and a generic message If a non registered user is just is
looking around.
I found the code in /templates/regions/LEFTRIGHT_TOP.
here is the code:
--- snip ---

<p><img src="navigation/default_b.jpg" width="311" height="213"
Welcome to <b>FirstToSearch.com [if !session logged_in]
<br>Your Online Virtual Store!
</b><font color="red">
[data table=userdb column=fname key='[data session username]']!
<br><font __FFACE__ size="2">A Division of __COMPANY__, The Internet's
premier source
of quality Electronic Products and GIZMOS! Thank you for
/--- snip ---

To most of you this is no big thing but to me it is VERY cool.
OBVIOUSLY I am a newbeeeee but this might help some one out there
Thanks again
Jerry Davis
This can be viewed at http://www.firsttosearch.com
login: happy
passwd: happy