[ic] checking 2 email addresses with mv_order_profile

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Wed, 27 Dec 2000 08:17:36 -0500

Quoting Dave Barr (dave.barr@cricinfo.com):
> IC 4.6.1, Debian 2.2.17, Perl 5.005-03
> Hi all (and Happy Boxing Day),
> Slightly perplexed here trying to get an mv_order_profile to work. 
> I've read through the dox and scoured extensively through the mailist 
> but cannot find any real help there.
> I've added a routine to allow users to eMail a friend about a product 
> (along the same lines as the stock-alert) but what I am trying to 
> achieve is to get the profile to check TWO EMAIL addresses... 
> Checking one is easy, but the second is ignored if used in the 
> standard way ie:

If the first fails after &fatal=yes is set, the second check will
never be done.

That is why &fatal exists, so that you can control when the check will
return with an error. If it returned on every error, that would be bad,
but if you couldn't return before setting a variable or other profile
operation, that would be bad too.

Also, there is a bug in Interchange 4.6.1 that ignores the first
failure if the second passes. I don't think that is in play here.

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