[ic] DB2/database interactions

Sriram Gollapalli sriram@boo.net
Wed, 27 Dec 2000 10:26:54 -0500 (EST)

hello all!

	I've been playing around with interchange these past few days and
have really enjoyed working with it.. ;)  A quick question:  I'm trying to
simply import data from a DB2 database on another server that contains a
list of products.  I'm having some trouble trying to figure out where
exactly that happens.  I have a boo_cigars.db2 file that contains
something like:

Database  boo_cigars  boo_cigars.asc __SQLDSN__
Database  boo_cigars  UPPERCASE  1
#ifdef SQLUSER
Database  boo_cigars  USER         __SQLUSER__
#ifdef SQLPASS
Database  boo_cigars  PASS         __SQLPASS__
Database  boo_cigars  DEFAULT_TYPE VARCHAR(128)
Database  boo_cigars  KEY          ID
#Database  boo_cigars  COLUMN_DEF   "ID=INT PRIMARY KEY"
#Database  boo_cigars  COLUMN_DEF   "VARIETY=VARCHAR(128) DEFAULT ''"
#Database  boo_cigars  POSTCREATE   "CREATE INDEX boo_cigars_title ON
boo_cigars (VARIETY)"
#Database  boo_cigars  COLUMN_DEF   "priceadf=INT"
#Database  boo_cigars  COLUMN_DEF   "MANUFACTURER=VARCHAR(64)"
#Database  boo_cigars  POSTCREATE   "CREATE INDEX boo_cigars_category ON
boo_cigars (MANUFACTURER)"
Database  boo_cigars  NUMERIC      price

i don't think that format is correct.  the table that contains my products
is called boo_cigars on a DB2 database on another system... Where exactly
do I place calls to retrieve this data?

Any help will be appreciated,  If you can send replies directly to this
address that would be great,