[ic] Confirming Emails

Victor Nolton ven@pragakhan.com
Wed, 27 Dec 2000 23:30:21 -0500

I spoke to Mike about this in the chatroom. But since then I've had 
some new ideas.

Client wants a confirmation email sent with a order.
He originally wanted it so that they reply to email. When the server 
gets it, it somehow "magically" scans it, and somehow marks the 
database as having a valid email address for this user. He showed me 
a way another company does tracking via the subject line.

Well that seems a little difficult to me.

So I was curious. Some of the mailing list programs use a URL based 
system. GO to http://whatever.com/cgi-bin/confirm?blah@blah.com

Is there a way anyone knows of to do this? When they go to the URL it 
looks up the information somehow in the database and marks the 
address as confirmed?

Maybe have the email go to a flypage where the variables are loaded 
automatically and they hit submit *shrug*

NO idea, But open to other systems and suggestions.



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