[ic] A little problem..Hmm!

Steve & Patti Getzinger steveandpatti@wubs.org
Thu, 28 Dec 2000 11:53:45 -0500

"Thomas N. Stefanidis" wrote:

> Hello,
> After a lot of readind and after a testing in 2 pc's with linux i
> finally managed to get into the first page of the demo page.
> BUT...(there is always a "but"!)
> When i try to get into as a customer or as the admin i get the error :
> Undefined catalog: /cgi-bin/cdlater.
> I restarted Interchange server and i got these errors :
> =====================================================
> Interchange V4.6.1
> Configuring catalog cdlater...cdlater config error: Couldn't open
> '/catalogs/cdl
> ater/products/variable.txt' read/write: Permission denied
> cdlater: error in configuration. Skipping.
> cdlater: config error. Skipping.
> Interchange server started in INET and UNIX mode(s) (process id 24909)
> =====================================================
> One more question...
> How can i change my server's host name?
> For some reason i can't get through with the server's name but only with
> it's ip.
> Any ideas???
> Thank you in advance.
> Thomas
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Thomas some are obvious. Change permissions on specified files to 664. Most
likely they are 644 if not 644 try 644 first. This is most likely a deeper
issue caused when makecat was run. Most likely an incorrect group
definition or something such as that. Next is ip vs server name. hostname
www.blah.com or whatever your host name is. Read your Linux book on setting
the hostname you have a resolution problem that is not related to
Interchange. You did specify the hostname during makecat and not the ip
correct? This is a DNS issue.