[ic] mouse over 4-6.1 Category properties

Jerry Davis akopia@wireless-2000.com
Thu, 28 Dec 2000 09:56:08 -0800

I am in the 'Design' area of Interchange. Specifically at the

Layout Editor: Organize your site into categories

I would like to accomplish 'mouse over' in this section.
I humbly ask if some one could point me to the area in the docs that address
this type of function
The site is http://www.firsttosearch.com , when you get there you can see
the list on the left side
Under the heading 'Ham Radio' are 3 gif files (I figured this out) They are:
Ham Radio Mods
Learn Morse Code
Licensing Manuals

If I could have help in any way I would be VERY grateful
I have been using Interchange for only 4 weeks (I know . ,, waa waa waa) :-)
Much Thanks