[ic] Attempting DB Update without permissions

Howell Silverman howells@siliconcty.com
Fri, 29 Dec 2000 16:47:33 -0500

Happy New Year to all;

Figured I must have messed something up, I dropped the test_construct db and
attempted to makecat.  Script runs without error - although it's odd that
sometimes it asks for the path to the httpd.conf and other times it doesnt??
The database test_construct is created.  Script finishes without error but
no tables or test data are loaded into the test_construct db?  Now I'm
really stumped!

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Subject: [ic] Attempting DB Update without permissions

> Installed IC Ver 4.6.1 RH7.0, MySQL 3.23.29a-gamma using Construct
> In the admin mode, making changes to the "categories" and the "contains"
> fields (really just replacing what's aleady there with new content).  I
> several changes apparently successfully because I can see them reflected
> the customer part of the catalog when all of a sudden IC starts behaving
> wierd as click to make the changes.  I go to check the interchange.log and
> see a message that it says i'm trying to update the cat table without the
> proper permissions on table=cat key=1010.
> Obviously the DB has been clobbered somehow.. Has anyone had a similar
> experience? What other things should I check?
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