[ic] mouse over 4-6.1 Category properties

Mark Johnson mark.johnson@akopia.com
Fri, 29 Dec 2000 17:23:58 -0500

Jerry Davis wrote:
> Hi Greg
> Please excuse my ignorance.
> I went to Administration, Tables, Area.
> I could not find 'category' to edit as this is where I would like to do the
> mouse_over.
> At any rate I attempted to change the following in 'AREA'
> <A HREF="$URL$" CLASS="barlink"
> onMouseOver =
> "document.images'imBut'].src='/catalog/images/navigation/rfbug.jpg'"
> onMouseOut = "document.images
> 'imBut'].src='/catalog/images/navigation/rfbug2.jpg'">$ANCHOR$</A>
> Now in the image_prop space add NAME="imBut"   <---- Did this.

It doesn't appear, looking at your page, that your area-level categories
are defined as links; that is certainly why your link template isn't
showing up.

If you intend your cat-level categories to be rollovers, you must make
the changes previously described to the 'cat' db.

Mark Johnson
Akopia Professional Services