[ic] Using IC for general content management?

John Beima jbeima@reality.palb.com
Fri, 29 Dec 2000 18:57:39 -0700 (MST)

G'Day Deano,

Actually we use Interchange as a SQL management tool, and search engine.

That list site I wrote is a directory service for churches. You can all find it 
at http://www.alocalchurch.com...

On January 19th 125,000 invitations go out to churches accross North America to 
list with us for free...

When they buy purcahse a full site from us they get a 75+ page site that they 
can totally edit every part of, including 12 different header images and 
64 different control bar images from a highly specialized set of editor pages. 
All of the 76 different images are also available in 4 color sets.

The next version will allow people to select background images for the main page 
and header region combined, as well as the control bar area.

I have also just been approached to re-create a news/editorial service using 
Interchange for an internation company.

Interchange makes managing/writing multi-destinational front ends for SQL 
databases a snap. The power in increadable. I myself have even chose it over 

John Beima

P.A.L.B. Systems - Phone: (780)451-1086 - Fax: (780)447-4760
11639-122 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T5M 0B6

Quoting Deano <deano@viz.com>:

> Has anyone set up non-store sites using Interchange, or maybe built a
> lot of
> content into a store? I know that developer.akopia.com is done in
> Interchange, but is it a realistic/nice system for general use on a
> reasonably-high-traffic site?
> We're definitely building a store with Interchange, and a lot of the
> ease of
> store-management features seem like they'd port over to our editorial
> side
> as well. Anyone have experiences to share, or general advice of good
> content
> management systems that 'play nice' with Interchange? If anyone has done
> or
> looked into Zope + Interchange, I definitely* want to hear from you.
> -deano
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