[ic] SQL driver not specified.

Martin Abell abellmt@spsp.net
Sat, 30 Dec 2000 13:56:59 -0500

I've attempted to change a catalog over to mySQL and upon restarting the
catalog get the following error (Note: phony catalog, user, and password
names substituted here, and the catalog and user names are the same):

Configuring catalog myName...Using MySQL, DSN=DBI:mysql:myName:localhost.
myName config error: connect failed (create) -- Can't connect( myName pwd ),
no database driver specified and DBI_DSN env var not se
t at //usr/lib/interchange/lib/Vend/Table/DBI.pm line 119

(I get the same result when I substitute the server name and port number in
place of "localhost".)

There is a database myName.  I have been able to create a table in it, and
then read it with a perl script (using DBI/DBD).

Regarding catalog.cfg, I couldn't figure from docs how to define MYSQL. "1"
seemed to work.  Also, I think the following defines DSN twice, but ....

Anyway, catalog.cfg has:
  Variable MYSQL  1
  Database products products.txt SQL
  Database products DSN DBI:mysql:myName:localhost
  #ifndef SQLDSN
  Variable    SQLDSN    DBI:mysql:myName:localost
  ##### MySQL
  #ifdef MYSQL
  Message Using MySQL, DSN=__SQLDSN__.
  # Tell the default DBM we are using something else...
  Variable  SOME_DATABASE  1
  # Uncomment if needed
  Variable  SQLUSER  myName
  Variable  SQLPASS  pwd

Admin interface says:
  Database Interfaces   GDBM available (v1.00)
                        Berkeley DB_File available (v1.65)
                        DBI enabled (v1.14), available drivers:

Anyone have a thought about what to try here?  What did I miss?

Martin Abell