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draftd draftd@hotmail.com
Fri, 17 Nov 2000 10:08:01 +0100

Thanks everyone for the usefull hints. I already tried a few of them, and it
worked nice.
much easier than switching al the time between operating systems.

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> Quoting draftd (draftd@hotmail.com):
> > Short question:
> > I need some spreadsheet program compatible with interchange to edit the
> > products.txt file.
> >
> > Micro$oft excell works, but it's quiet anoying to swich between 2
> > systems on my home computer. (Redhat 7.0). I can't get any of Gnumeric's
> > formats compatible with IC.
> Gnumeric works great. You can use the simple-text format -- in fact
> there is a hidden page in the UI, admin/dbdownload.html, which will
> produce a Gnumeric worksheet of all of the databases. (There will be
> some occasional parse errors, but they are pretty few and should show
> up as errors if you run "gnumeric &" from a command line shell.)
> If you save a single worksheet in Simple text, and then just remove the
> first line that contains the worksheet name, you have a perfectly fine
> TAB-delimited file. I think the regular text export works good, too,
> if set up right.
> And I had been planning on writing the companion page that will accept
> an upload of all, but I hadn't gotten to it yet. The main reason is
> that Gnumeric prior to 0.54 didn't write the spreadsheet properly in
> simple text format. I submitted a patch to gnumeric that fixed that,
> and I think it made it into 0.56, so I will do that soon.
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