[ic] (Fwd) Perl & Minivend & Interchange: a question

jpease@invnetpub.com jpease@invnetpub.com
Wed, 1 Nov 2000 16:51:57 -0500

Dear Minivend and Interchange Gurus:

My ISP has sent me the following message:

> We're in the process of building the latest version of
> Perl for use on our servers.  I'd like to confirm that
> this has all of the modules that Minivend requires.
> Can you please check, and provide a list of these
> to us.

We are currently running MV3.14 and will upgrade to Interchange 
shortly. I know MV requires Perl and I believe I have read 
that IC needs but how would I get a listing of all of the 
individual modules?


Jonathan Pease

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