[ic] Anyone able to setup InternetSecure processing?

Reid Ivens reid@n-visionit.com
Thu, 2 Nov 2000 20:50:17 -0500

Hi folks,

I'm looking for someone to setup the credit card processing part of
Interchange for me if possible. (Using an InternetSecure account).  I'm
afraid I've reached the limit of my technical abilities (and the limit of
the amount of time I'll spend trying) and I'm wondering if someone with some
experience out there would like to take it on as a contract.  (I've
contacted Akopia but no response yet...)  Please contact me directly as I
don't want my soliciation to affect others' mail traffic too much.

Reid Ivens

Reid Ivens, CIO
N-VisionIT Interactive
Tel: 613.527.5518
Fax: 425.963.2118