[ic] Internal Server Error - Premature ending of script

Steve steve@videogroup.com
Fri, 3 Nov 2000 10:47:52 -0500


In the past I have installed the cart a few times and solved any of the minor 
issued I had. This time I'm installing on a bigger server (DELL PowerEdge w 
dual 700 cpu's on preinstalled RH6.2) and have had several issues. Finally I 
got it running but now I'm stomped.

I can login as administrator and I get the Akopia config menu. 
 Orders option gives "Internal Server Error".
 Content option works.
 Customers option gives "Internal Server Error".
 Design option gives "Internal Server Error".
 Items option gives "Internal Server Error".
 Orders option works.
 Merchandizing option gives "Internal Server Error".
 Administration option works.

Looking in the logs I find that Apache error log reports:
 Premature end of script headers: /home/httpd/cgi-bin/vgd

/tmp/icdebug only says debugging is on(?!?)

error.log says: (minus date stamp)
 - - Sending debug to /tmp/icdebug.
 - - Low traffic settings.
 - - Calling UI....
 - - ...UI is loaded....
 - - Interchange V4.6.0
 - - Config 'vgd' at server startup
 - - Using MySQL, DSN=dbi:mysql:test_vgd.
 - - START server (27749) (INET and UNIX)
 - - Accepting connections from localhost|127\.0\.0\.1
 - - START server (27771) (INET and UNIX)   

The part about accepting connections from localhost I'm not sure about. Other 
than that there's no info why I now have a premature ending of script. 

A French guy had some such problem which I think was related to rights. This 
seems logical as I had to change the rights to make it work at all as it had 
root prev''s. Once I changed them to the interchange user name it started. 

I'm suspicious about the rights as I've never needed to change them on other 
CVS installs. Maybe someone could give me a hand with who should have what 

Interestingly, all ifdef and endif's are commented out in the interchange cfg