[ic] Internal Server Error - Premature ending of script

Jonathan Clark jonc@webmaint.net
Fri, 3 Nov 2000 16:05:01 -0000

are your database definitions in line with the UI? Have you taken a catalog
created in an earlier revision like early 4.5?

I had this when moving to 4.5.7 as some of the tables had new fields added
(like inactive, dealer in userdb)


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From: Steve <steve@videogroup.com>
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Date: 03 November 2000 15:52
Subject: [ic] Internal Server Error - Premature ending of script

>In the past I have installed the cart a few times and solved any of the
>issued I had. This time I'm installing on a bigger server (DELL PowerEdge w
>dual 700 cpu's on preinstalled RH6.2) and have had several issues. Finally
>got it running but now I'm stomped.
>I can login as administrator and I get the Akopia config menu.
> Orders option gives "Internal Server Error".
> Content option works.
> Customers option gives "Internal Server Error".
> Design option gives "Internal Server Error".
> Items option gives "Internal Server Error".
> Orders option works.
> Merchandizing option gives "Internal Server Error".
> Administration option works.