[ic] Sample Catalogs

VHS Admin admin@virtualhostingsolutions.com
Sun, 5 Nov 2000 00:45:02 -0600

I have Interchange set up on my server and working like a charm.  The
problem is that the Construct site is a bit too complex for my needs.  I am
not a sophisticated designer, but I have a lot of experience.  I need a
simple catalog site to work backwards from.   Is there a demo catalog out
there other than construct?   I have tried simple, barry, and basic which I
believe to be older demos and did not load anything.   I just need something
to get a start from until I can figure out the complexities of the software.
Maybe I am making it too hard??  I need the backend features of the shopping
system, but not the complex page design parts.  Is there an easy way to put
up a simple catalog for now then work my way up?  Thank you in advance for
any advice you have.

David Beckham
Virtual Hosting Solutions, LLC
Web Beat Internet Technologies