[ic] Custom Payment (credit Card) Options

Ted Sindzinski admin@extremefactor.com
Sun, 05 Nov 2000 13:14:30 -0800

    I am currently trying to setup Interchange to work with
Authorize.net which authenticates via http requests.  I currently have a
little lwp script that I used with my old shopping cart to send the
transactions.  Although I have read a great deal of documentaiton, all I
can find about setting up payment schemes in Interchange is to use
'&charge=custom MY_PAYMENT_FUCNTION_NAME'.  With this line added, what
must I do to define the function name and get it running?  where must
errors return to to be seen? and lastly, where does this line go (file

Thank you for any assistance

Ted Sindzinski
CTO Extreme Factor