[ic] design issues

Kyle McLerren flux@aub.com
Sun, 5 Nov 2000 19:23:24 -0800 (PST)

Hi everyone ----

Interchange is working great but i have a question or two -

Im not a great web designer, i just do system administration but --

I wanted to do something for example - ]

Im using the default construction demo because im not good with web
design, but i wanted to shape it to be a totally "new" store, but have the
same look and feel. I have everything down exacpt one thing is still
something im not able to change. I want to change like, where it says
"Welcome to <store>, your online hardware store!", the backround color
under that text, i want to change that. And i want to change many other
things whcih are similar to that. It would be a snap if i could just edit
the index.html file, but all i find in the index.html file is something
that loads something else - oor something :) How does this work? does the
cgi program process the  index.html into html the browser can see? Because
no where do i see a complex index.html, written in html ..

Please help and thanks

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Kyle McLerren
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