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Cameron B. Prince cameron@akopia.com
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You have the right idea... When an Interchange page is called, it can
contain variables, or includes that call other pages. In the Construct
Something demo, variables are set in catalog.cfg that cause
__LEFTRIGHT_TOP__ to be replaced by the contents of

You can edit this file to change most of the things you mentioned.

The other sections are called like this and there is also a components
directory that contains specials and such.

Good luck,


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Hi everyone ----

Interchange is working great but i have a question or two -

Im not a great web designer, i just do system administration but --

I wanted to do something for example - ]

Im using the default construction demo because im not good with web
design, but i wanted to shape it to be a totally "new" store, but have the
same look and feel. I have everything down exacpt one thing is still
something im not able to change. I want to change like, where it says
"Welcome to <store>, your online hardware store!", the backround color
under that text, i want to change that. And i want to change many other
things whcih are similar to that. It would be a snap if i could just edit
the index.html file, but all i find in the index.html file is something
that loads something else - oor something :) How does this work? does the
cgi program process the  index.html into html the browser can see? Because
no where do i see a complex index.html, written in html ..

Please help and thanks

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