[ic] A mostly Australian specific query: any www.cardgate.net authorisation experiences(?), GST implementations and download authorization management

thoran thoran@netics.com.au
Tue, 07 Nov 2000 01:17:33 +1100

Dear all,

I was hoping that in addition to the query and response about "Custom
Payment..." that others would like to share their specific experiences
in dealing with particular internet payment authorisation services and
how these were implemented.  In my particular case I was hoping that
this might include Cardgate (www.cardgate.net) which does clearance of
credit card transactions on the Commonwealth Bank in Australia.

Also relating somewhat specifically to Australia is the matter of the
GST (goods and services tax---for the uninitiated).  Are there any
Australianisations of the relevent bits floating around out there?...

Lastly, I can't find too much reference to download authorisation
management within the Interchange documentation.  Following a
transaction approval I imagine that an increasing number of sites will
want to authorize a download rather than process a response (either
automatically or manually) for the distribution of a physical product.
Are there any hooks for generation of keys, download specific content
generation and such?