[ic] Config problem - please hlp

Spencer spencer@poseidon.mediabang.com
Mon, 6 Nov 2000 11:26:29 -0700 (MST)

	I have also noticed this.  The main reason your added products
aren't showing a link to click on is because they don't have a title.  The
form on "Items" -> "Create new item", doesn't have a field to give the
product a title.  But if you click on "Administration" -> "tables", and
select to edit the "products" table, you will get a different form to add
a product when you click on "New Entry".  This form will let you set a
title to your new product, and will enable link for it on the results
	I have also noticed that this form allows you to set the product
thumbnail image, where the first form also does not have this.

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On Sat, 4 Nov 2000, Kyle McLerren wrote:

> Hi -
> Ive been trying to fix this problem for a while and the answer still
> escapes me.. 
> In the older version of interchnage, i think 4.5.8 or 7, When you went to
> the store and searched for an item like "ladders" it would bring up the
> picture and detailed dexcription for allt he ladders iot had, or whatnot. 
> In the new version, 4.5.8 - 4.6, when you go to search for "ladders" or
> whatnot, it displays a LIST of non-detailed ladders, where you have to
> click a link to get the full description. THIS is OK but -
> None of the new items i add ever have a link i can click on, the product
> is blank. The only way i can see the picture is to buy the item then view
> my kart and click the item.
> I would like it so either is shows the full description and picture right
> away like the demo construction site in 4.5.6-7 OR i would just like a way
> to fix the current demo store and figgure out what im doing wrong and why
> it doesnt show the link to the product.
> Thank you VERY much!!!!!!
> (if you hadnt realised im using the demo construction store)
> --
> Kyle McLerren
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