[ic] loop search diff's 3.14- Interchange

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Mon, 06 Nov 2000 14:42:42 -0500

I know!!

I have no prior miniVend experience and jumped in at IC4.5.6 but here are 
two ideas that apply to your question (both learned from other posts ;-))

1. There was a flypage related bug that was fixed but you have to get the 
latest version of a Perl module to fix that. (and you'll likely have to 
upgrade to the latest = 4.6.0 first) See the post with the subject "Re: 
[ic] Flypage Problems"
2. I butted heads with that [loop search-"..."] just last night!
I ended with (adapted for your case w/o testing):
[loop search="
"][loop-data techspec field1][loop-data techspec field2]

This does not deal with the item1 etc. parts but I think this might put you 
on the right track to make it work ...

At 02:13 PM 11/6/00, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I am having some trouble moving one of my stores from 3.14 to Interchange
>4.58. In particular I have the following on my flypage on the old store:
>[loop search="
>         fi=techspec.txt
>         dl=[item-code]
>         di=-1
>         rf=1,2
>         "][loop-code]
>and it returns a list (technical specifications for the item in question)
>with both fields 1 and 2.  for example:
>field1item1     field2item1
>field1item2     field2item2
>field1item3     field2item3
>and so on.
>However, when I put the same code in the new store, it only returns field 1.
>The list returned is further processed in a perl statement, so I need both
>fields returned.  The fields are not named, so I have tried adding
>[loop-data techspec 2] after the [loop-code].  (techspec is defined as a
>database)  No luck.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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