[ic] Problem w/ Pricing in IC4.6.0

Chuck Fishman kopernikus@hotmail.com
Tue, 07 Nov 2000 01:14:49 +0100

John Beima wrote:

> After you make changes to the products, pricing, and inventory databases, you
> should export these three tables before re-starting the server. I would sujest
> exporting the three tables... Stoppign MiniVend... Deleting the 3 gdbm files...
> Then starting MiniVend again do it re-imports the three tables and re-creates
> the 3 gdbm files. This should make your changes active...

Well, thanks, but that didn't make it either.
It seems to me that the databases are all set up OK but is my pricing.txt right? It
now looks like:

sku    price    q2    q3
it33    24.95    22.95    19.95

and in catalog.cfg I added the following stuff:

> > > >Database            pricing             pricing.txt     TAB
> > > >Database            products        products.txt      TAB
> > > >...
> > > >PriceField           price
> > > >CommonAdjust   pricing:q2,q3 ;products:price

In the UI it shows "Quantity Pricing Yes" - that's weird...

Help! ;-)