[ic] Shipping Modes Update Display

Integricity Support Team support@integricity.com
Tue, 07 Nov 2000 20:45:10 +0800

Hello all of you,

Just wondering, should the display not update at the check out page
when a particular country has 2 modes of shipping ? After all, if I
were to send something by Fedex or by donkey, that would reflect a
vast difference in price for the same destination. How do I go about
doing this ?

Also, can we have different rates for different states in a country as
well ? Perhaps my courier has a different rate for Ohio as opposed to

Last of all, interchange is truly swell and I love it. I hope all of
us can jointly develop it to rival all other webstores as I KNOW the
great potential is here for interchange.


Best regards,
 Integricity                          mailto:support@integricity.com