[ic] new item not displaying a link to it...

Benjamin H. Carlson bcarlson@pwsinc.com
Tue, 07 Nov 2000 11:06:01 -0600

If I create a new item, or edit an old one, 
it will work fine, EXCEPT for one annoying little thing:

when you enter as a customer, and search for the item, no link will show
so the only way to get info is to 'buy' the item. As for editing the old
it will still display the old link(the link goes to the proper page, but 
it is the old item name). 

I assume I need to edit something in the search display, and have tried
both applying changes, and restarting interchange to no avail. Also I
have looked over the FAQ, and through the user-list archives, and have
not seen this problem addressed...

I am running interchange on RedHat 7.0(with the fixes) and interchange
version 4.6.0 and the default database.

Thanks for the help,

Benjamin Carlson
Ben Carlson 
651-462-0042 ext 15